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One to One Pilates

One-to-One training is very different to a Pilates group matwork class.  To create a personalised One-to-One training programme an assessment will need to take place.  The assessment process (takes about 1 hours to complete) and involves the following;

- Medical & Lifestyle interview.
- Identifying old and existing injuries.
- Physical Activity Readiness interview.
- Postural Assessment which includes photographing you from the front, back and side views.
- Identifying your aims and goals; short term (6 weeks), medium term (6 months) and long term (1 year).
- Taking you through the Pilates Set-Up; Breathing, Neutral Spine, engaging the Core Muscles.
- Summary of your postural assessment.
- The approach we are going to take towards your training.

If you decide to commence with One-to-One sessions,  a tailored Pilates movement plan is devised.  You will undertake 1 hour sessions which will involve putting you through a series of movements which may involve equipment such as the Swiss ball, foam roller and Dynaband etc.  During the session a log will be kept to see how you respond to each movement.  If the programme has to be revised at this stage, this will be done.  At the end of the session a summary will be devised detailing how you felt you performed and my observations.

At regular intervals we will re-visit the Postural Assessment and take new photographs.  From this a comparison of the 1st and 2nd sets of photographs will be made.  A session summary will be devised identifying any changes in posture, body shape, muscle tone, flexibility, and pain occurrences etc. 

Sessions can be arranged for a mutually convenient time and venue.

Please contact me for further details.
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