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On this page I am listing books and DVDs which I personally recommend.
Total Pilates by Malcolm Muirhead (Thunder Bay Press, California)

ISBN           1571458018
Pages         192
Published    01/03/2003                                        
Binding       Hardback, Spiral bound
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This book is excellent.  The movement descriptions are easy to follow and are well illustrated.   There are several exercise programmes to choose from and this book is suitable for the complete beginner as well as the experienced Pilates exerciser.  This is the only Pilates book you'll ever need.
Therapeutic Exercise for Lumbopelvic Stabilization - A Motor Control Approach for the Treatment and Prevention of Low Back Pain    2nd Edition  (Churchill Livingstone)
By Carolyn Richardson, Paul Hodges & Julie Hides

ISBN            0443072930

ages          271
Published    26/09/2004                                       
Binding       Hardback
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The research in this book underpins the fundamental teaching methods of The Pilates Institute.  It is very heavy reading matter and maybe not a book you would buy, but if you ever came across this in a library it will give you a greater understanding of The Pilates Institute method.
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