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The Pilates Institute (renamed Pilates Precision)

The Pilates Institute faculty respect and acknowledge the original work of Joseph Pilates, but are keen to present his great method to a contemporary exercise population. The Pilates Institute Method allows for creativity and accepts that clients may for various reasons be unable to perform the original repertoire as Joseph Pilates taught it.

The Pilates Institute research based technique adheres to a strict neutral pelvic alignment together with a mild contraction of the deep abdominals.

It is from this base that all modified moves, allowing motor control to open the way for muscle control as the participant becomes familiar with the performance and instruction of the technique.

"The Pilates Institute Method will help all participants to lengthen and strengthen muscles, improve core strength and quality of breath and allow everyday movement to be carried out with ease and elegance." Michael King - Pilates Institute, Founder & Director.
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