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Sonia Jones is a qualified Pilates instructor providing specialised Pilates courses, postural assessments and one-to-one tuition in the Swindon area of Wiltshire.  I took up Pilates in 2003 after a back operation and was told by my Osteopath that everything medically had been done and advised me that Pilates would help to improve my muscular back and neck problems.  After a very short time, the difference was significant and I now want to share my experiences by teaching in a way that will help other people with their own personal back problems and injuries.

I loved Pilates so much that I put myself on the Pilates Institute Matwork Diploma.  My style of teaching is thorough and will help you understand clearly how you should feel in order to have  a stronger body with better posture and over all toning.  I now teach a full programme of classes for the public and also one to one sessions.

My aim is to make people more aware of themselves, more in touch with their whole body.  To bring body and mind together into a single, dynamic, well functioning entity.

I am committed to providing Pilates in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere and am careful to ensure that the programme of exercise is suitable for all participants.  Class numbers are kept to between 10 -12 people depending on the venue to allow for individual attention.  Pilates exercises are progressive over the duration of the course and therefore it is more advantageous if attendance is regular.
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